Victoria Roussel



Victoria Roussel is a French illustrator who found inspiration in the natural beauty of her childhood surroundings, in southern France. Now based in Besançon, she continues to draw inspiration from nature, infusing her artwork with a sense of connection to the beauty of life.

Her art reflects a variety of natural themes, from mountain ranges to the night sky, capturing the beauty of the outdoors in a way that encourages viewers to see the world through her eyes. Victoria’s commitment to her art is evident in the way she explores different facets of nature, constantly seeking new ways to express its wonders.

Victoria’s attention to detail and skills in illustration allow her to create works that not only represent nature but also evoke emotions and appreciation for its beauty. Her portfolio includes a range of projects, from detailed illustrations to large-scale murals and children’s book illustrations. She has also ventured into the digital space, contributing to video game designs and collaborating with innovators in generative art.

Her distinctive approach to art has led to partnerships with well-respected agencies and companies such as Here, Google, Actes Sud, Air France, La Maison du Chocolat, Le Musée des Confluences, Sidaction, AngelList, and Quai 36. Victoria’s work stands as a tribute to the natural world, inviting viewers to join her in celebrating its beauty.

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